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Will Gerrits gets win at PDTR

Outside front row starter Will Gerrits grabbed the lead of the 25-lap PDTR-MSA 360 Sprint Car A main with polesitter Chris Clayton of Waldo sliding into second. By lap 5, Gerrits had bolted out to a full straightaway lead over Clayton.

On lap 10, 2011 PDTR and MSA champion Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove moved in from his sixth starting spot to work around Clayton for second on lap 10.

The leaders hit lapped traffic on lap 13 before Travis Arenz of Sheboygan used a slide job to clear Schmidt and take second in turn two on lap 14. Schmidt battled back to regain second lap 16. However, Arenz regained the spot in turn three on lap 17.

Arenz was closing rapidly on Gerrits for the lead in dense lapped traffic before the lone caution flag of the race was displayed on lap 17 when 2018 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champion Justin Miller of Plymouth spun in turn two.

Following the restart, Gerrits again opened up a sizable gap when Arenz and Schmidt dueled back and forth for second with Arenz eventually maintaining the spot on lap 18.

Arenz worked the high groove throughout the majority of the final seven circuits, but was unable to reel in Gerrits, who secured his first A-main victory of the 2020 season and his second career PDTR-MSA 360 Sprint Car A-main victory.

“This certainly makes up for the god-awful year we’ve had,” Gerrits said. “I have to thank everyone in the pits that helps out on this car.”

Arenz finished second, Schmidt placed third, third starter Kevin Karnitz of West Bend ended up fourth and Clayton rounded out the top five.


1, Scott Conger 2, Kurt Davis 3, Tyler Brabant 4, Blake Wondra 5, Justin Erickson 6, Paul Pokorski 7, Bill Taylor 8, Chris Larson.


1, Ben Schmidt 2, Kevin Karnitz 3, Brandon Berth 4, Lance Fassbender 5, Tyler Davis 6, Shane Wenninger 7, Tony Wondra 8, Brady Portschy.


1, Justin Miller 2, Travis Arenz 3, Anthony Knierim 4, Brandon McMullen 5, Tim Haddy 6, Preston Ruh 7, Josh Teunissen 8, Ken Schmick.


1, Jack Vanderboom 2, Chris Clayton 3, Alex Pokorski 4, Will Gerrits 5, Doug Wondra 6, Tyler Tischendorf 7, Austin Hartmann.


1, Blake Wondra 2, Shane Wenninger 3, Robbie Pribnow 4, Lance Fassbender 5, Tyler Davis 6, Paul Pokorski 7, Preston Ruh 8, Tony Wondra 9, Josh Teunissen 10, Austin Hartmann 11, Chris Larson 12, Ken Schmick 13, Brady Portschy 14, Bill Taylor 15, Tyler Tischendorf.


1, Will Gerrits 2, Travis Arenz 3, Ben Schmidt 4, Kevin Karnitz 5, Chris Clayton 6, Scott Conger 7, Tim Haddy 8, Lance Fassbender 9, Jack Vanderboom 10, Brandon Berth 11, Brandon McMullen 12, Justin Erickson 13, Anthony Knierim 14, Doug Wondra 15, Paul Pokorski 16, Justin Miller 17, Shane Wenninger 18, Tyler Brabant 19, Blake Wondra 20, Alex Pokorski 21, Tyler Davis 22, Kurt Davis.



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