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McMullen gets second win of weekend

In the 25-lap PDTR 360 Sprint Car headliner, polesitter Will Gerrits of Waupun jumped into the lead on the drop of the green flag, while third starter Brandon McMullen snuck under 2018 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champ Justin Miller of Plymouth, who started on the outside of the front row, to move into second.

The first of two cautions came out on lap 3 when Blake Wondra of Fond du Lac spun in turn four. Gerrits bolted away from McMullen on the restart and held a solid cushion until lap 7 when Plymouth’s Adam Miller flipped in turn four.

Gerrits commanded the ensuing restart as the leaders began to work their way through lapped traffic on lap 10. Two laps later, McMullen dove low to slip past Gerrits for the top spot in turn four on lap 12.

McMullen held his own along the preferred inside lane around the increasingly one-groove racing surface. On lap 24, Justin Miller worked past Gerrits to take over second with two laps to go.

McMullen pulled away in the waning laps to notch his 20th career PDTR 360 Sprint Car A main triumph and his 29th career MSA A main victory.

Justin Miller placed second, Gerrits wound up third, 2008 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champion Lance Fassbender, who started fourth, finished fourth and Jack Vanderboom of Dousman charged up from the 11th starting spot to place fifth.


1, Bill Taylor 2, Lance Fassbender 3, Anthony Knierim 4, Chris Larson 5, Blake Wondra 6, Tim Haddy 7, Scott Conger 8, Brady Portschy.


1, Justin Miller 2, Ben Schmidt 3, Adam Miller 4, Kurt Davis 5, Doug Wondra 6, Austin Hartmann 7, Mike MacFarlane.


1, Will Gerrits 2, Brandon McMullen 3, Jack Vanderboom 4, Tyler Davis 5, Nich Melis 6, Preston Ruh 7, Josh Teunissen.


1, Tyler Brabant 2, Tony Wondra 3, Justin Erickson 4, Brandon Berth 5, Kevin Karnitz 6, Shane Wenninger 7, Paul Pokorski.


1, Kevin Karnitz 2, Tim Haddy 3, Blake Wondra 4, Shane Wenninger 5, Scott Conger 6, Paul Pokorski 7, Josh Teunissen 8, Preston Ruh 9, Austin Hartmann 10, Chris Larson 11, Tyler Davis 12, Brady Portschy 13, Mike MacFarlane.


1, Brandon McMullen 2, Justin Miller 3, Will Gerrits 4, Lance Fassbender 5, Jack Vanderboom 6, Anthony Knierim 7, Bill Taylor 8, Kevin Karnitz 9, Brandon Berth 10, Justin Erickson 11, Tim Haddy 12, Paul Pokorski 13, Tony Wondra 14, Nich Melis 15, Shane Wenninger 16, Blake Wondra 17, Doug Wondra 18, Tyler Brabant 19, Kurt Davis 20, Scott Conger 21, Ben Schmidt 22, Adam Miller.



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