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Adam Miller wins at PDTR

Polesitter Adam Miller led the 22-car 360 Sprint Car A-main field on the opening lap while outside front row starter Shane Wenninger slid into second place. On lap 4, Wenninger worked the high groove to power around the low riding Miller exiting turn two.

Four laps later, the leaders began to encounter heavy lapped traffic, which allowed Miller, who had moved up to the cushion, to close the gap on Wenninger. On lap 13, Miller moved within striking distance as Wenninger attempted to work through dense lapped traffic.

One lap later, Wenninger moved low to maneuver past a slower car while Miller pounded the treacherous cushion to shoot back into the lead exiting turn four on lap 14. On lap 16, the first of two caution flags appeared when Chris Clayton of Waldo spun in turn two.

Miller, who was involved in a race-ending flip on the opening lap of last week’s A main, maintained the lead over Wenninger on the restart before fifth starter Tim Haddy of Waupun dove low entering turn three on lap 17 and pushed high in turn four before colliding with Wenninger, who made contact with the frontstretch wall and stopped exiting turn four to bring out the second caution of the race.

On the restart, seventh starter Travis Arenz used a daring low move to take over second place on lap 18. At the front of the field, Miller remained in control along the high groove as he moved through slower traffic in the closing laps to earn his second career PDTR and Midwest Sprint Car Association A-main victory by a 10-car length margin over the hard-charging Arenz. Haddy finished third, third starter Bill Taylor of Kewaskum was fourth and fourth starter Kevin Karnitz of West Bend rounded out the top five.

“We started the race by running pretty good on the bottom before Shane got by us around the top,” Miller said in victory lane. “We were fortunate to get back around him in traffic and then we survived a few cautions to get the win. I couldn’t have asked for a better bounce back after last week. We’ll take it and move on to next week.”

Date of Race: June 13, 2020


1, Lance Fassbender 2, Kurt Davis 3, Adam Miller 4, Tim Haddy 5, Nick Daywalt 6, Scott Conger 7, Alex Pokorski 8, Tom Kreutz 9, Tyler Brabant (DNS).


1, Will Gerrits 2, Kevin Karnitz 3, Bill Taylor 4, Anthony Knierim 5, Nick Melis 6, Jack Vanderboom 7, Doug Wondra 8, Josh Teunissen 9, Scott Armstrong.


1, Travis Arenz 2, Justin Milller 3, Tony Wondra 4, Brandon McMullen 5, Mike Decker 6, Justin Erickson 7, Austin Hartmann, 8, Ben Schmidt (DNS), 9, Tyler Davis (DNS).


1, Chris Clayton 2, Tyler Tischendorf 3, Shane Wenninger 4, Robby Wirth 5, Brandon Berth 6, Blake Wondra 7, Preston Ruh 8, Mike Mac Farlane 9, Ken Schmick.


1, Doug Wondra 2, Preston Ruh 3, Blake Wondra 4, Josh Teunissen 5, Nick Daywalt 6, Alex Pokorski 7, Ken Schmick 8, Austin Hartmann 9, Tyler Davis (DNS) 10, Ben Schmidt (DNS).


1, Justin Erickson 2, Robby Wirth 3, Jack Vanderboom 4, Mike Decker 5, Scott Conger 6, Scott Armstrong 7, Tyler Brabant 8, Mike Mac Farlane 9, Anthony Knierim (DNS) 10, Tom Kreutz (DNS).


1, Adam Miller 2, Travis Arenz 3, Tim Haddy 4, Bill Taylor 5, Kevin Karnitz 6, Brandon McMullen 7, Kurt Davis 8, Justin Miller 9, Lance Fassbender 10, Justin Erickson 11, Nich Melis 12, Tyler Tischendorf 13, Will Gerrits 14, Brandon Berth 15, Tony Wondra 16, Preston Ruh 17, Chris Clayton 18, Doug Wondra 19, Robby Wirth 20, Jack Vanderboom 21, Blake Wondra 22, Shane Wenninger.



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