McMullen wins Wisconsin Sprint Car Championship A-main

After the first attempt to start was negated by a three-car incident in turn two involving Anthony Knierim of Franksville, Chris Larson of Greenfield and Chris Clayton of Waldo, Kurt Davis, who came into the night looking to secure both the PDTR and MSA 360 Sprint Car titles, grabbed the lead on the drop of the green flag of the 25-lap PDTR 360 Sprint Car A main from the pole position.

On lap 3, 2017 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champion Brandon McMullen used the high groove to sweep past second starter Brandon Berth of Cascade to take second. Three laps later, 2018 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champ Justin Miller of Plymouth worked around Berth to secure third. By lap 12, the low-riding Davis had built up a half-straightaway lead over McMullen, who was using multiple lines to try to track down the leader. With lapped traffic becoming a factor on lap 12, McMullen began to gradually reel in Davis.

By lap 21, McMullen had pulled to within five car lengths of Davis and two laps later the three-time MSA champion used the high line to power around Davis and into the lead exiting turn two.McMullen pulled away over the final two laps to earn his second PDTR 360 Sprint Car A-main victory of the 2019 season, 17th career PDTR main event win and 23rd career MSA A-main triumph.Davis secured his second PDTR 360 Sprint Car title and fifth career MSA championship with a second-place finish, eighth starter Travis Arenz of Sheboygan placed third, Justin Miller was fourth and Berth completed the top five.


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