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Danny Schlafer gets first win of 2019

In the 25-lap Sprint Car A main two-time PDTR champion Danny Schlafer of Sussex outdueled 2017 PDTR champ Brandon McMullen of Oshkosh on the final lap to earn his first A-main victory of the 2019 season and vault into a tie for the most career main event wins at Plymouth in the 360 Sprint Car division. Brandon McMullen got the jump on the drop of the green flag in the 360 Sprint Car A main to lead the opening lap from the pole position. On lap 6, outside front row starter Jim Melis of Glenbeulah moved in to challenge McMullen along the high line of the smooth and multi-groove racing surface.McMullen caught the rear of the field on lap 9 and was beginning to work his way through slower traffic when the first and only caution flag of the event appeared on lap 11 when Melis stopped in turn two with an apparent mechanical malfunction.With two lapped cars placed directly behind him on the restart, McMullen took advantage of the cushion behind himself and the second-place car of fourth starter Danny Schlafer to build a half straightaway lead by lap 16.Two laps later, McMullen again found himself working through slower traffic, which allowed Schlafer to cut the cap substantially as the laps wound down. As McMullen got boxed in behind several slower cars racing side by side for position, Schlafer ventured to the high groove to apply pressure to McMullen on lap 20.As McMullen searched for a way past a slower car along the low groove, Schlafer used the high line to pull even with McMullen entering turn one of the white-flag lap.The 2005 and 2013 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champion surged ahead entering turn three and pounded the cushion through the final corner to nip McMullen at the finish line and move into a tie with 2010 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champ Kurt Davis of South Milwaukee for the career lead in Plymouth 360 Sprint Car A-main victories with 23.It was also Schlafer’s 52nd overall Midwest Sprint Car Association main-event triumph, which ranks him second on the all-time MSA win list behind Davis.McMullen had to settle for second, Travis Arenz of Sheboygan charged from the 15th starting position to finish third, 2011 PDTR 360 Sprint Car champion Ben Schmidt of Howards Grove finished fourth after starting sixth and current PDTR 360 Sprint Car point leader Kurt Davis placed fifth after starting seventh.“Considering all the bad luck we’ve had this year, I’m going to really enjoy this win,” Schlafer said in victory lane. “It was fun racing like that in traffic. This win goes out to everyone that helps us out on the car each week. It has been a challenge this year, but this one’s for them.”


1, Anthony Knierim 2, Preston Ruh 3, Jack Vanderboom 4, Jim Melis 5, Shane Wenninger 6, Justin Miller 7, Mike Decker 8, Blake Wondra 9, Chris Larson.


1, Ben Schmidt 2, Paul Pokorski 3, Kevin Karnitz 4, Brandon Berth 5, Wayne Modjeski 6, Chris Clayton 7, Justin Erickson 8, Bob Reichert 9, Tim Haddy (DNS).


1, Josh Teunissen 2, Will Gerrits 3, Brandon McMullen 4, Travis Arenz 5, Adam Miller 6, Tyler Davis 7, Spyder Akright (DNS) 8, Lance Fassbender (DNS).


1, Danny Schlafer 2, Tony Wondra 3, Kurt Davis 4, Sean Rayhall 5, Doug Wondra 6, Nick Daywalt 7, Bill Taylor 8, Tyler Brabant (DNS).


1, Shane Wenninger 2, Chris Clayton 3, Wayne Modjeski 4, Adam Miller 5, Lance Fassbender 6, Mike Decker 7, Nick Daywalt 8, Sean Rayhall 9, Justin Erickson 10, Chris Larson 11, Tim Haddy 12, Bob Reichert 13, Blake Wondra 14, Doug Wondra 15, Tyler Davis 16, Tyler Brabant (DNS), 17, Bill Taylor (DNS) 18, Spyder Akright (DNS).


1, Danny Schlafer 2, Brandon McMullen 3, Travis Arenz 4, Ben Schmidt 5, Kurt Davis 6, Kevin Karnitz 7, Paul Pokorski 8, Tony Wondra 9, Will Gerrits 10, Brandon Berth 11, Lance Fassbender 12, Anthony Knierim 13, Shane Wenninger 14, Adam Miller 15, Justin Miller 16, Jack Vanderboom 17, Wayne Modjeski 18, Chris Clayton 19, Josh Teunissen 20, Mike Decker 21, Preston Ruh 22, Jim Melis.

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